Thursday, August 27, 2009

Running in Circles (in the Rain)

Wednesday was pretty dreary and today (Thursday) has been pretty gray as well. Maybe mother nature is preparing us for what is coming up in November-April, gray skies. Anyway, on Wednesday I had a bike/run workout to get done. So I stuck the bike on the computrainer and put my shoes by the door. Ride inside, run outside in the rain, Splendid! I did my race pace on the bike and hopped off for my 5 minute run at race pace. I had a little loop and after 3x I figured my neighbors were going to be convinced I was crazy. There I was, in my sports bra and tri shorts, running around in the pouring rain. In the end, I got in a great workout and was hurting at the end, just what was supposed to happen.

And then again today, it was pouring rain. I did my easy bike on the computrainer while watching trashy TV and the headed outside in the rain for my easy run. I definitely got some weird looks and a guy asked me as I ran by "do you lift weights too?" No buddy, I just run in the rain.

The Chicago Tri is this weekend and I am excited. Nothing like a race that takes place about 3 miles from your house. I know the course very well and if all goes well, I should be home by 3:00 pm. And, the race starts at 11:18am! I can sleep in, do a loosen up swim, eat breakfast and mosey on down there around 9:30 or 10am. I think Andy is pretty excited about this because he does not have to drive me down there at 4:30am to drop off my bike. Good stuff!

That's it. No deep thoughts today. Just the exciting details of my last couple days.

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