Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's not that bad....

I have been having a bit of blog writing block lately so my apologies to the few people who actually visit my blog. Life has been pretty uneventful lately. Since going to Madison I have been getting back into the swing of things swim coaching wise and enduring a break from structured training. Some days I like the no structure thing, some days I don't. But, in the end, I know I need it so I will endure.

The college team, on the other hand, is getting used to structured training again. And, I must admit, the adaptation is pretty tough for some of them. However, I am a reap what you sow kind of person---we warned them last spring and all summer. I will listen if something hurts but you are not going to get much sympathy. It is like some of them forgot their goals all summer and are now trying to remember them again. Reality is cruel, you have to keep those goals at the forefront most of the year if you really want to achieve them.

Louis Carroll wrote in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland "if you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." That is the truth and some of my swimmers got off their road this summer and went down the wrong one! We are getting them back on their way but I think some of them might have fallen way behind and getting caught up by the championship meet could be tough...they might run out of road.

Since I have a break from training and I need to do something, I have been planning my various "roads" (aka races) for next year. I am planning to try a couple new ones in 2010 and will hit up some of my favorites as well.
Starting in the middle of October I will do a bit of cyclocross and local running races. I need to get my cyclocross bike back in working condition; I was having a few problems with my shifters towards the end of last season and I guess it decided to stop working completely after hanging in the basement since last December. I am taking it in Thursday to Mox to get it all fixed up and ready to attack the trails.
So, that's it. 2 more weeks of easy training and then I get to build back up a bit. The first few weeks are definitely going to be a shock to the system, but I have not been sore in a couple weeks so I am excited to put the hurt to myself again.

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