Friday, June 4, 2010

Island Style Racing

I missed St. Croix this year. I love the laid back island style racing thing. Luckily, Hawaii was in the cards and I am getting my fix of a beautiful spot with a race too. Plus, we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in July and since we got married in Hawaii (on Kauai) it is nice to come back. We promised each other we would come back every 5 years but I have a feeling that since we live in California now and Hawaii is just a 4.5 hour plane ride we might be here a bit more. There are already ideas for a winter training trip to Kona. Above is a picture of Hapuna Beach---where the swim takes place. Absolutely beautiful. We have spent a few days here enjoying the water and sitting on the white sand. I swam a bit of the course today because the buoys were out and the water was so clear, it must have been 30-40 feet deep and I could see all the way to the bottom.
The run up from the swim. Nice green carpet for our feet. More importantly, my feet won't be numb and I am not going to be cold when I get on the bike.
Transition---my bike is at the very end, racer No. 4.
Here I am overlooking the swim venue. Andy might watch it from here. Could be a pretty cool view.
Almost 5 years---well, technically, 4 years, 10 months and 20 days.

A little detour before leaving for Hawaii. I cut my pinky finger slicing a bun the night before snapping this picture at the hospital. I needed stitches but delayed closure has a higher risk of infection. So, just neosporin and band-aids. I call the cut the Grand Canyon, it's a pretty big slice and is probably going to take forever to heal.
View from my hospital room. They had me in and out in less than an hour and also told me I was the most pleasant patient they had all day. I felt like an idiot for going in since they could not do anything for me. The doctor asked why I did not come in the night before and I told him that we were having a BBQ and I did not want to leave my guests. I think he understood.
I got strawberries as my mid ride snack on my last long ride before leaving for Hawaii. Gotta love California!

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