Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Daily Marley

Every day a local radio station plays a Bob Marley song. The station is not a reggae station; it is your typical Top 40 station but they sprinkle in a Marley song at least once a day. If I catch the "daily Marley" while driving it always makes for a good day. Love it!

An update is long overdue. Nothing much has been going on, sleep, eat, train, eat and repeat. Race week is upon me again and I am excited to head up to the Seattle area this weekend and race at Lake Stevens. My grandmother grew up in Everett and while she is unable to come up from her home in Portland she will be with me at the race in spirit. After the race, my mom, Andy and I will venture down to Portland to visit my grandma for a couple days. She is 98 and still sharp as a tack.

Thanks to Bont Cycling for the new shoes. They are super stiff, no loss of power with these space age shoes.

We have a wood stove.

This little guy was stuck in it. I rescued him and took him outside. I guess that is why my cat Storm was starring into the stove for hours on end. Good thing I took him outside or he would have ended up like one of his friends---dead on my bedroom floor. I won't post a picture of that.

Out on Lake Berryessa. My training partner has a boat so we took it out last Wednesday afternoon for some fun in the sun and a BBQ. John forgot matches but luckily found a book of matches on a dock. I don't know how that happened but we got very lucky.

That is John. He drags me around on the bike and it will make me better, eventually.

John's daughter Grace and his wife Julie. Haley, his older daughter, missed the fun on the boat because she was at a sleep-over with her friends. They are probably more fun to a 15 year old than 3 adults. Grace had a good time. We dragged her around on the tube and watched her do fun dives off the edge of the boat. She and Julie are also fans of anything on Bravo TV so we gossiped about Bethenny, the housewives and Top Chef. That is it from foggy (only in the AM) Napa. Happy Training everyone!


  1. Those are some sweet looking shoes, Emily! They sort of look like dance slippers -- that's it -- you can look down while climbing and think of the Tour when they say "dancing on the pedals"!!

  2. I am excited to use them. I have to cook them in the oven and then mold them to my feet. One more race in the old shoes this weekend and then I am breaking out the new ones. And, they have the shoe horn for easy transitions.