Friday, November 12, 2010

Just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling....

Biking. That is my focus right now. I have been building back into some solid training hours and a majority of it is on my bike. The weather has been cooperative so far and I have been able to stay off the trainer. I know that will not last too much longer but since I am not faced with the reality of 4-6 months of 99.5% of the my rides on it I am okay that some rides will be forced indoors due to rain.

The first few days hurt...a lot. The end of a 3 hour ride last week was pretty ugly but this week my 3 hour ride yesterday was solid and I ended it without feeling totally spent. It is amazing how fast the body adapts to training. I have also started a pretty gnarly strength routine that is definitely challenging me and will work on my weaknesses (gluts and hips). After the first workout I was pretty sore but after a couple of weeks I have stopped getting quite as sore.

That is about it from sunny (at least for now) California. Here are some pics. of some recent adventures.

We started to let the cats outside. Storm loves it. She caught 3 lizards in the first 3 days. I am hoping that being outside will help her lose just a little weight. She is a bit round through the midsection right now. She needs to be Cali-fit.

Jaromir is a bit more nervous about being outside. Since his previous owner took out his claws we worry a little more about him being out because he can't defend himself. Luckily, he is also bit worried about being outside too so he sticks close to the house.

Mid ride stop at Pope Valley Market for a soda. It has been really nice to ride a bit more with Andy in this part of the season. He is going to be strong on the bike too!

Ahh....I love the sun!

The view from the top of Mt. Veeder. These climbs are going to make me strong!

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