Monday, January 31, 2011


Last week I headed south to Tucson for a visit and some training with Hillary and her fiance, Maik Twelsiek. I was excited to catch up with Hillary, get to know Maik better and see some new scenery while training.

We also did some training sessions with other athletes and I got to meet some new people. Fun stuff and I was happy that I was able to keep up---especially on the bike!

Before our sunrise trail run on Starr Pass.

Running amongst the cacti. And I did not fall :)

Roller coaster roads.

View from Gates Pass. I went up the hard way and the easy way. At first I thought I made a mistake going up the steep part. However, all the hill climbing in Napa has totally helped---I popped right over that sucker.

Gates Pass.

Our Saturday morning adventure up Mt. Lemmon before I flew out. We did not go all the way to the top so I missed the cookies at Summerhaven. It was nice to do part of the climb. I also enjoyed seeing lots and lots of cyclists heading up the mountain for a solid Saturday morning workout. Beats winter in the Midwest for sure!

Time to ride down.

Tucson---from Mt. Lemmon.

Maik's new knife set he got for Christmas. I have 2 slashes on my fingers. Hillary cut her thumb. Stupid German knives. They are too well made.

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