Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After a couple very heavy training weeks I got a little break and headed to Tulum, Mexico for a little relaxation and to see my good friends, Dave and Andrea, get married on the beach.

Before I left I woke up to this:

It snowed in Napa! We are at 1500ft. so it gets a bit colder up here. No snow on the valley floor. Luckily, it melted by mid-morning.

Since it was cold and rainy in Napa it was the perfect time to head to the beach of Mexico to rejuvenate.

We stayed in a cabana on the beach. No phones. No TV. However, there was a wifi connection which was important because I was on the computer checking the results of my former swimmers who were at their championship meet in Cleveland.

Our cabana. It was a yoga and spa retreat so I did a couple yoga classes. We mountain biked a bit and I did some running in the heat and a few ocean swims. Other than that it was all about relaxation.

We checked out the ruins and saw lots of iguanas. I think the mayans were reincarnated as iguanas.

Amazing beaches. The softest sand I have ever felt. I think the water was more blue than the Cayman islands as well.

The reason we went...Dave and Andrea's wedding celebration on the beach. Shoes optional.

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