Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wedding of the Year....

Over the holiday weekend Andy and headed down to the LA area to celebrate the marriage of our friends, Hillary and Maik. We socialized a lot, stayed up later than usual and did some special workouts at the request of the bride and groom.

Here we are before we started our 100x100. Luke is looking quite smiley before we started. I'm standing closest to the pool in our special suits we had made for the swim. Ours said "the bridesmaids" on the back while Hillary's said "soon to be Mrs. Twelsiek" on her bum. The standout of the swim was Tara, she is 7 months pregnant and finished all 100---hard core!
Andy did not swim or run but he earned his keep by playing photo assistant to Eric Wynn while the bride and groom had some pictures taken.

The fog rolled in during the ceremony but it was still beautiful. Maik even made a vow to help Hillary through another Ultraman smashfest. That is love!

The view from our New Year's Day ride. Surfing in January! I like California.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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