Monday, February 27, 2012

Blah Blah Blah....

Well, it's been awhile. I don't really have a reason for the lack of blogging except for the fact I really have had nothing to write about. Or maybe because I thought my life seemed pretty boring and nobody would really want to read my yada yada yada about training. Once racing begins there seems to be more to write about---race reports, pictures, seeing cool places, etc. This past month has just been nose to the grindstone training which is the way it is supposed to be :)
I did find this guy in my bedroom a few weeks ago. That was pretty un-boring. In reality, I was not that freaked out. Just got the "tupperware for the wildlife" from the kitchen and herded the scorpion into it, snapped a picture and then let him go outside---well away from the house. My cat tends to bring us presents from her outside adventures (lizards, birds, mice, vols, etc.) so I don't know if she brought this in or not. Most often, these creatures are alive so I end up chasing these animals around the house trying to get them into the tupperware. Never a shortage of dull moments in the hills of Napa. On second though, maybe I do have interesting things to write about instead of the usual triathlon stories.

In triathlon news I have been continuing my "emily will ride a bike faster this year" quest with a solid weekend of training with my friend Mike from Chicago. When Mike visits we ride bikes ALL DAY long. I come up with my favorite loops and we do them all in one day. Mike and I have explored most of the valley in his last two trips. Fun stuff. In other biking news, Andy has begun attacking the hills which makes me very proud. I think he wants to justify buying a Pinarello Dogma but whatever motivates him is fine with me. I had the biggest smile on my face as I watched him climb a few of my favorite mountains the last few weeks.

Since I am racing Rev3 Costa Rica in a few weeks I busted out the new race wheels for a couple spins to make sure they felt good and all was working correctly. I am still waiting for a few components to arrive from SRAM but I slapped an old cassette on my race wheel to get out on the road. I opted for their carbon clinchers and I am loving them. My old race wheels were from 2005 so I am happy to have a new set. Plus, the rear wheel is deeper than my old set so I feel so much faster (and cooler). My 2007 Felt DA (the first generation) is still performing great. I have a new front fork, bottom bracket and Rotor crank w/ Quarq so while still an old frame she has been upgraded a bit.

That's it from Napa! I am enjoying a recovery day today and then back to work tomorrow. Less than 3 weeks!!! Butterflies are forming. However, the good kind---the "finally I get to race and see where my fitness is" kind.

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