Thursday, May 24, 2012

A New Focus....

Actually, Focus is plural but I could not figure out whether the plural of focus is foci, like fungus and fungi, and the title "A New Foci" just does not seem right....

Anyway, I have new bikes!  I have to thank Duke and the gang at Napa River Velo for putting me in touch with Focus and getting the bikes all built up! The last time I had a new bike it was in July 2007. I think the 5 years I went without buying a new bike must be some sort of record for a triathlete as far as the race bike. Everyone seems to upgrade every 2-3 years at the most.

Besides riding my new bikes one of the first orders of business was to name them. Since Focus is a German company I came up with very clever names based on a German fairytale...Hansel and Gretel! I am so creative...


Hansel will have a hit out on the race course at Alcatraz on June 10. Gretel will get her first race ride at Rev3 Portland July 8.

I am doing my best to break in my new bikes.

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