Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olympic Dreams

I am a sucker for the Olympics. I get roped in every time watching the athletes and it never fails; I cry more than once during the coverage.  It has definitely become a lot more commercial, and I suspect, somewhat corrupt, but the underlying themes of achieving your dreams and overcoming obstacles still shines through for me.  There is also part of me that feels a bit jealous of the athletes. When I started as a young swimmer I always said my goal was to go to the Olympics. A lot of people have that dream and it comes true for a small percentage of those in sport.  Besides the Olympics I dreamed of being a state champion, swimming for Michigan and qualifying for NCAAs. Luckily, I was able to achieve those goals. And now, looking back, I wish I would have believed a little bit more in myself. I am not saying I would have made the Olympic team but I wish I would have REALLY believed I could. What would I have accomplished? Instead of stopping with being an NCAA qualifier why didn't I set my goal to finish in the top 8? Perhaps I limited myself. Maybe that is what this whole triathlon thing is about for me. Another chance to really believe. I have big goals. Maybe they will come to fruition, maybe they won't. The fact is I am not afraid to believe I can achieve them anymore. If someone asked me a couple of my goals I would probably get a reaction like "who does she think she is?" I think that is the kind of confidence (NOT cockiness) you need to have to get the most out of yourself.

I'll be watching the Olympics with my rose colored glasses, ignoring the commercialization of it all, and appreciating the simplicity of the competition.  Some will succeed, some will fall short but all will try.

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    We'd love you to come on our show, this Tuesday night in Yountville to talk about your Olympic aspirations and encourage young athletes. Can you call me 707 363 4577