Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Courtesy and Post Its

(January 24 update...persistence pays off; if you don't hear back just keep emailing!)

On my ride today I got to thinking about courtesy. Sometimes, I notice that common courtesy seems to be lacking in our society. As a rider, I always try to have courtesy for others on the road. I ride to the right, listen for cars, call out my position if I come upon other bikers and generally try to stay out of the way.  Some cars are courteous and give me plenty of room when they pass and do so slowly and safely. Interestingly, I am surprised by some cars that I would expect to be a little less courteous---like big supped up trucks with loud engines and super big wheels. Often, they slow down the most and give me a lot of space when they pass. I often think it is because I am a chick riding a bike but that is a subject for another blog....

There are also those cars who lack any sort of patience and go blasting by you like where ever they are going is more important than anybody else on the road and slowing down for two seconds would totally throw off their day. Recently, I had a car drive into a 10 foot wide bike lane on purpose while blasting his horn and flipping the bird out the window.  I was not even in the traffic lane and was not impeding him/her in any way. Come on...really?!?!

Ultimately, the reason the subject of courtesy was on my mind today was because of a situation I am dealing with on the sponsorship front. In the fall I began the process of contacting companies I wanted to partner with for 2013.  I came to an agreement with one company and I was excited to be working with them this coming year.  After a series of emails back and forth I followed up a couple weeks later and got no response. I figured it was no big deal since the holidays were close and just decided to email again after Thanksgiving.  No response.  More emails, a few calls. Nada. No deliveries from UPS or FedEx. Just COMPLETE RADIO SILENCE. (And I did confirm that my contact still works at the company...)

I deserve a response.  Even if they have to rescind the offer.  I deserve to hear from them. I did not pursue other opportunities because I had made agreement with this company IN WRITING. Sponsorship product is limited in triathlon.  Especially at my "level." At this point in the game companies have allocated their budgets.

Basically, I just want this company to respond and tell me the truth. Bad or good. But DO NOT just say nothing.  It reminds me of an episode of Sex in the City, The Post Always Sticks Twice. Carrie says,  "There is a good way to break up with someone and it doesn't include a post it."

In my case, there is a way to let me know you don't want to work with me and it DOES NOT INCLUDE IGNORING MY EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS.

Luckily, none of the above stops me from training and racing fast so I will continue to train and get ready for my first race of the year, Escape from Alcatraz on March 3.  Hoping for a heat wave....


  1. What if they tell you via post-it note?

    1. I would be okay with that b/c at least they would tell me! The whole point is there is a right and wrong way to do it--you don't break up with someone on a post it and you don't completely ignore someone you had an agreement with by refusing to get back to them. So rude!

  2. Excellent use of a Sex in the City quote :)

    That is very rude. I hope they at least give you the courtesy of a response soon! Sheesh.