Monday, August 17, 2009

A Great Training Weekend (and a little about pisstivity)

This weekend involved some great training. I woke up VERY early on Saturday morning, hopped in the car (which I had packed the night before) and drove up to Verona, WI to ride 2 loops of the IM Wisconsin course with the VQ Athletes and Coaching Crew. It was the perfect day although it did get a little warm (and more windy) the second loop. I kept up on my hydration and nutrition and was able to finish the ride feeling good and ready to do a 20 minute transition run around the town of Verona. After that it was some stretching, hydration (coconut water) and then lunch in the car while driving back to Chicago. It was a long day but well worth it---one of those days where I felt like I had done some good work and improved my fitness.

Sunday was a run and easy ride. I got out early because the Air and Water Show was happening down on the lakefront and I wanted to avoid the crowds. It was already hot and steamy at 7:30 am and the crowds were gathering. My legs were feeling the work from the day before; it took a little more effort mentally and physically to have a good run but I did it and finished feeling HOT, tight and a bit tired. A good stretch and breakfast revived me a bit and I rested on the couch until taking off to the suburbs with my husband for my easy 90' ride. This is where the legs decided they were D.O.N.E. Andy was laughing at me because he would hear me shifting gears constantly because 1. the wind was swirling and coming from all directions and 2. I could NOT find any easy enough gear. I was not talking, just focusing on each pedal stroke. My legs just did not want to do anything except stop. I told my coach it was the hardest easy ride I had done in awhile. Luckily, we finished just in time because a downpour started about 5 minutes after we got in the car. Good thing we turned around when we did! Homemade Pizza was on tap for dinner because I did not have the energy to cook. Yummy! Then off to bed early.

I also wanted to touch on something that I saw on Hard Knocks, a reality TV show on HBO that follows a NFL team at training camp. This year they are following the Cincinnati Bengals who have Chad OchoCinco on their team (formally Chad Johnson) as a wide receiver. This guy does not stop talking. He is constantly talking s***, making jokes, coming up with stupid touchdown dances, etc. I mean, this guy legally changed his last name to OchoCinco because he is No. 85--who does that? Anyway, he came up with a new word during last weeks show---PISSTIVITY. He used it on the show as follows:

"Pissed off got levels....I am pissed off to the highest of pisstivity."

I like that for some reason. Makes me laugh. Andy and I have been using this word all week. Of course, I try to keep low levels of pisstivity because, really, what's the point in letting stuff bother you? I will tell you this, however. My legs had VERY HIGH levels of pisstivity after this weekend. Another example of pisstivity I saw: Tiger Woods during the last round of the PGA Championship yesterday, especially on the 17th hole. He's a great athlete and probably has good ways of dealing with his pisstivity mentally. So, what are your methods of dealing with pisstivity? We all encounter tough situations some of the time, in life and in sport, how do you deal and move on? Because, that is all we can do, deal and move on, no sense in dwelling in our pisstivity.

Now I am going to do some yoga and hopefully alleviate some of the high levels of pisstivity that are brewing in my legs. I better deal and move on because I have a feeling that tomorrow, it's back to work.

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