Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Process, Process, Process

My husband Andy said to me the other day "when are you going to write on your blog again?" Uh oh, I might have created a monster by starting this blog. Why? Honestly, sometimes I do not think I have anything really inspiring or note-worthy to talk about. My life is filled with sleeping, exercising, eating, coaching and then repeat. Kind of boring to the outsider. And, sometimes, probably a little boring to me. However, I do revel in all things routine so a "boring" life seems to suit me. I like my life to be a drama free zone. Breakfast and lunch are even pretty similar day to day. Greek yogurt, fruit and almond butter for breakfast and then more fruit, some Pirate's Booty and my beloved PB & J for lunch. Minus about 20-30 days in my life since kindergarten I think I have had a PB & J EVERY SINGLE DAY. I will be the first to admit that might be a slight problem....but, PB is a good fat and has protein so I am going to stick with it. Plus, I look forward to it everyday, I can't deny myself.

Again, while biking yesterday (yes, I seem to come up with things during training) I started thinking about a phrase that my swim coach, Jim, used to say all the time in college. And, I mean all the time. It was actually on a swim team t-shirt one year. So what is this profound statement that made it onto our shirt? "It's about the process, not the product." He wanted us to do it right everyday in the water. Be focused, be attentive, do it right and the rest will take care of itself. Takes the pressure off a bit if I do say so myself. I listened to this in college but I do not think I really heard what Jim was saying. Of course, I understood, but putting the plan into action all the time was tough for me, especially when a lot of my goals focused on what the clock read at the end of the race. Now, almost 10 years after finishing by swimming career, I am able to take these words to heart. Through my continued training and coaching others I am starting to understand what it really means. The process is not always easy but I enjoy it and years from now it's going to be the process that I remember, not the end results. I still have goals that are based on time but I will get there by doing the little things right and relishing in accomplishments I make on a daily basis rather than staking everything on one day, one race. Some days you got it, some days you don't but each and every day my goal will be to do it to the best of my ability on that day and the rest will take care of itself. Thanks Jim, 10 years later I "heard" you. I should find that shirt.....

Lastly, here's some inspiration. My favorite Versus advertisement that was on during this years' TDF:

(***note to my coach, I am focused during workouts but yesterday's bike was a base ride so I had time to think. I promise there is not much thinking going on during Lactate Threshold workouts, like today.)

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