Thursday, November 19, 2009

Training, Work and Hockey

On Sunday night I went to the Blackhawks/Sharks hockey game. Of course, I am a dedicated Red Wings fan but when you have good seats you might as well go, right? The Hawks are a good team of youngsters and exciting to watch. They ended up winning in overtime, too. I have included a couple of pictures to prove that our seats were really good.
Other than that I have been working hard at the UIC coaching gig and increasing the training. My foot/heel is doing tons better. I have been able to run and do some hard efforts so I can feel my stride coming back. I have gotten the okay to do an 8k turkey trot on Thanksgiving and I am hoping that my coach ok's a XC run on Dec. 6. Apparently you have to duct tape your shoes on---sounds like fun to me and I have an old pair of Sauconys that I don't mind ruining in the mud. I figure if I ruin them that way they will go down in a blaze of glory---one last great use.
So, that's it. I have a three day invitational this weekend with the team so that will mean lots of time together, I am sure the team is stoked about that :)
Then it is Thanksgiving week with a cycling block thrown in training wise. Michigan football is playing this weekend but I don't know if I want to watch the game. It will either be a good one for us as we salvage a little dignity with a win over Ohio State (unlikely) or another loss capping off another poor season for the Big Blue.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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