Sunday, February 14, 2010

Training Ingredients***Chicago Style***

My Sunday morning training and all that is required:

First, you need a computrainer and a bike with a super comfortable ISM Adamo Racing Saddle (and today, matching bike shorts courtesy of ISM).

It is also nice to have good music and the ability to check emails while riding---future sponsors I am waiting to hear from you :)

Next, I got all dressed in my warm clothes and ready to go out for a run off the bike.

After concluding your transition run grab two buckets of snow from the backyard. I knew all this snow was good for something. Plus, it is more convenient than going to 7-Eleven for bags of ice.

Fill tub with cold water and add two buckets of snow.

After preparing your ice bath with free snow from the backyard add tired legs for 10-15 minutes. Drinking a hot drink while soaking is not required but highly encouraged.

(All Photos Courtesy of Andrew Skolnick)

As always, I try to include Focus, Passion, Smiles and, especially today, a bit of L.O.V.E. to my training. Happy Valentines Day everybody!

(Post dedicated to all those who pursue their dreams and with special thoughts to the Georgian Olympic team for their loss on Friday)

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