Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From Here to There

A little about each place I have lived:

Albion, Michigan: January 11, 1977 at 11:59am it all began. Montessori, The McCarleys, sledding hill, Mrs. Frick, Toto, the woods, Cary, water fights, splitting my head open on a car bumper and walking home with blood pooling in my shoes, Toto, Aquacats, my first 50 breast under a minute, deciding I wanted to swim for Michigan in college, my first boyfriend, Junior High Track, Elizabeth St., Locust Lane, the Miata, Godzilla, Fiona, the bomb shelter, backing the car into a tree, Hell Week, the Gator, the Place, the Circle, the Spot, cruising in Marshall, getting pulled over, Pepe getting pulled over in my car and then my parents picking me up at a party because the police called them, State Championships, Club Swimming in Kalamazoo with Karen, Linda, Suzanne and our coach Vince, Frosty Dans, skipping school, driving too fast, my recruiting trip to Michigan, the ACT, Panama City Beach with Big Quig, the Honda Accord, the Geo Prizm

Ann Arbor, Michigan: West Quad, Phil and Luiey, Canham, a lot of training, Tae Bo, Sybil St., the Naked Mile, Hash Bash, Mitch's, Rick's, Scorekeepers, the Big House, running the Stadium Steps, Crisler, December 9, Grumpy Bunny, Urban Outfitters, the Food Co-op, the Grey Ghost, Hawaii, Shania, Kip, From Here to Eternity Beach, Football National Championship, two Hockey championships, Arch St., State Street, Espresso Royale, Blue Front, Sour Watermelon Slices, Red Hawk, Grizzly Peak, Angelos, Pizza House, Chipatis, Fiesta Soup, Jill, Hill and Division, Sprinkle Cookies, Bikini Contest, Knee Surgery, Comeback, waking up with charley horses in the middle of the night, NCAAs, Indianapolis, Le Peep, BeBe, retiring from swimming

Chicago, Illinois: Fremont st., CroBar, Quads Gym, the Dragon Room, Rob Base, Alive One, Apartment Fire, Glow, Rednofive, Andy, Orchard and Willow, 1952, Chicago Bagel Authority, Hammacher Schlemmer, Summerfest, The Farm Party, Paralegal school, Latham & Watkins, Louisville, Grippo & Elden, Shamrock Shuffle, Lakefront Half Marathon, Marathon, Triathlon, Stress Fracture, Fish Creek Falls, Skiing with Andy, Southport and Fullerton, UIC, Visionquest, Crash on the Lakefront, Biking with real biking shoes and cleats and falling over, Spacca, Sweet Mandy B's, Urban Belly, Ray Meyer Center, Jose, Kauai 2005, Going Pro, Storm, Jaromir, my first group ride, new bikes, Cyclocross, believing in myself

Napa, California: To be Determined. It all starts on Monticello Road.

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  1. Emily! GOOD FOR YOU!! I LOVE that you are leaving chicago - sorry,, you know what i mean...I mean that you are following your dreams and going someplace MUCH more condusive to training outside!!!! I admire that! GOOD luck to you out there!!!!