Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dreaming in California

My Sunday morning started with a trail run along the shores of Lake Hennessey. It was a bit cloudy and cool but still absolutely breathtaking. It reminded me of a lake that we drove past in New Zealand a few years ago. It was totally untouched---no motor boats and no houses. Lake Hennessey is very similar; there are people kayaking (2 people today) but motor boats and swimming are not allowed because the lake is the water supply for the valley. Andy just bought a used kayak from our friends and I am so excited to get it out here so he can kayak while I run along the shores of the lake. On my run this morning I kept an eye out for mountain lions (I was all ALONE), saw blue herron, SMART Canadian Geese and a golden eagle. I say SMART Canadian Geese because I will never understand the ones that fly south for winter and stop in Chicago---keep going birds, it's not warm in Chicago in the winter!

The run started here:
I brought flip flops to get across the creek and then changed into my running shoes.

I was also completely outfitted in Saucony gear because I had two boxes of running clothes waiting for me when I returned from Oceanside. Thanks Saucony!

Needless to say, I am starting to get my bearings here in Napa and I am finding some great places to run and bike. I met a fellow triathlete who has been nice enough to show me around and since he is a super fast biker he is going to have me sucking his wheel so I can become a better biker. We are great swimming partners as well and he really pushes me in the pool. I think that to get better on the bike I need hills (check) and a training partner who can really challenge me (check). Of course, I can't ride with him everyday or I will grind myself into the ground but having someone to train with 2-3 times a week will really help me. I am usually someone who trains solo 99% of the time and I think to improve I have to change that some of the time. I still enjoy my solo runs, swims and bikes but occassionally I need to get out there with other people and step outside my comfort zone.
The only thing missing here in Napa is my husband but he will be out here within a month. I will also be heading back to Chicago April 17 for the UIC swim banquet and to pick up my cats and fly them out here.
I have a swim later today and then yoga only tomorrow. I love recovery Mondays!

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