Monday, December 13, 2010

The Irony

On Saturday I was out for a long bike ride and was so happy to be outside enjoying the 60 degree temperatures and feeling the warm sun on my face. I stopped to take a few pictures.

Including a self portrait.....
When I opened my phone I had a cryptic message from my mother reading "trap in SD." I appreciate that my parents are starting to embrace text messaging and adding it to their communication repertoire, however, sometimes they are a bit too succinct. I stood their wondering what in the world the message meant....trap in San Diego? An animal trap? Huh?Luckily my phone rang and it was my mother who was trapped in South Dakota. Yeah, no wonder I did not figure it out. Her flight from Portland (connecting through Minneapolis) had been diverted to Rapid City, SD because of a blizzard. Now, here I was standing on the side of the road on a beautiful day here in Napa and my mom was being diverted due to a blizzard. Ironic, right?

Anyway, Mom and Dad, please keep up the texting but I need a little more information in each text. You can't make up your own lingo. There are certain acronyms we all know (LOL, LMAO, FYI, etc.) but don't be afraid to write a sentence or two, you can do it!

I used to work for an attorney when I was a paralegal and during the first few weeks of working with him I had no idea why he signed his emails TIA. His name was Jim, not TIA. I sheepishly asked another paralegal who TIA was? A nickname? She said no, it means "thanks in advance." Maybe it was a well known acronym to some but I was totally confused. In the few years that I worked with him I found that he made up some obscure acronyms and my time spent reading his emails included deciphering the lingo.

A beautiful sunset to end a beautiful valley day.

Oh yeah, don't worry, I am getting dose of cold weather when I head back to Chicago on Friday. All is fair in love and weather.

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