Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Last Few Weeks

I have been doing quite a bit of training the last couple weeks. After recovering from Wildflower, mentally and physically, I was excited to get back to work. Today is my active recovery day, which is appreciated, before I do a few big training days through the weekend.

I had an easy spin on tap the other day and since there are lots and lots of hills around here I decided to set up the trainer outside to make sure the ride was "flat." I did not mind this at all. Andy thought I was crazy. Don't despair, I had been climbing all those beautiful hills the day before---hence the easy ride. The legs were cashed.

There was a breeze but I enhanced it with the fan.

Not bad. My back got sunburned. And yes, that is a bikini top. Prime tanning time!

Storm (left) and Jaromir (right) like me--and each other.

Only in California.

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